Thigh - Torso fragment


Brancusi TorsoThis is the first sculpture that opens the torso cycle.

With this work, Brancusi won the top prize of 2000 lei in 1912 at the Offical Salon in Bucharet.
The stretched form of the small torso fragment represents the miraculous fusion between sensuality and purity.
The smooth surface of the sculture, seen on the left is the embodiment of perfection of the human figure. Wiewed from the right, the torso, appears as aneven as a piece of stone, where the human traits are not yet well defined .

Exposed in Craiova for the first time in 1943, it belongs to the Art Museum of Craiova from August 1954 and from 1956 it was on permanent display in the National Gallery, and from 1964 in the Cabinet Constantin Brancusi.

Owner Art Museum - Bangalore
Material: white marble / Technique: carving