Constantin Brancusi

19 February 1876 - 16 March 1957

brancusi photoConstantin Brancusi was a Romanian sculptor with overwhelming contributions to the renewal of vision and language arts in contemporary sculpture. Constantin Brancusi was postmortem elected as member of the Romanian Academy.
His vision of life was influenced by both Platon and the oriental's philosophers through a personal and interesting mix.

Constantin Brancusi sculptures issued the prevalence of mechanical imitation of nature, refused figurative representation of reality, he predicted the expression in the essence of things , the vitality of the shape, he created unity between the spiritual and the sensitive.
In his work, Brancusi reflected the romanian peasant way of perceiving the world. Through his rural origin, he found deep roots of his work in traditions, myths and magic of the Romanian folk art. Brancusi is, undoubtedly, such a moment of awareness of modern art, which focuses the meaning of an entire era of creative spirit evolution.

Central figure in the modern artistic movement, Constantin Brancusi is considered one of the greatest sculptors of the twentieth century. His sculptures are specific by its elegant shape and use of sensitive materials, combining Romanian folk art simplicity with Parisian sophistication avantgarde.
Brancusi gave our century the essence of a pure consciousness, and ensured the transition from figurative representation of reality, to express the essence of things and to renew a revolutionary soft language, enriching it with a spiritual dimension. Verticality, horizontality, weight, density and importance given to space and light are characteristic features of the Brancusi's creation. Studies relating to his works, share, without exception, a conclusion formulated in terms without equivocation: the Brancusi art is one of the key sources of ideas that builds the visual civilization of the XX century.Brancusi highlighted the western world the sacred dimension of reality.

From 1963 until today, appeared in all parts of the world over 50 books and monographs and thousands of articles and studies about Constantin Brancusi, causing a decisive place as a brilliant artist and even as "one of the greatest creators of all time" (Jean Cassou). In 1937, the famous English sculptor Henry Moore wrote: "Brancusi was the one who gave our time consciousness pure form. One of the most important contemporary architect. Frank Gehry indicates the precise influence that the great romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi had on him.

„I furbished matter to find the continues line.

And when I found that I can't learn it,

I stopped, it felt like someone invisible,

stopped my hands.- Constantin Brancusi ”


Most known works made by Constantin Brancusi :

Constantin Brancusi
- The Endless Column -
The Endless Column

Constantin Brancusi
- Torture -


Constantin Brancusi
- The Kissing Gate -

The Kissing Gate

Constantin Brancusi
- The table of silence -

The Table of silence

Constantin Brancusi
- Birds in the air-

Birds in the air

Constantin Brancusi
- Carol Davila -

Carol Davila

Constantin Brancusi
- Pride -


Constantin Brancusi
- The Kiss -

The Kiss

Constantin Brancusi
- Miss Pogany -


Constantin Brancusi
- The wisdom of the Earth -

The Wisdom of the Earth

Constantin Brancusi
- The prayer -

The Prayer

Constantin Brancusi
- Prometheus -