The Sleeping Muse


Brancusi The Sleeping MuseBrancusi The Sleeping Muse








Only 2 years after the creation of " The Sleep", in which the face was not well defined in the marble block, The Sleeping Muse performs a miracle: The elogated head barely touching the surface in a delicate balance. The muse is in a diffrent world, a world of its own, made by the material it was create in.

Brancusi makes ​​a few variations of The Sleeping Muse , a simple well-polished oval skull.
The artist is interested in the details of the face, but tries to express the sensitivity of the ovoid figure, he considers the egg as the basic form of the human head.
Brancusi's style was transformed by using gloss. Brancusi made ​​two versions, one being in the collection of Katia Granoff, and the second at the Art Institute in Chicago.