The Kiss


VBrancusi - The KissThrough this work, The Kiss, Brancusi is affirming his own style. The main idea in The Kiss is simple: the love as a fusion between 2 separate entities restores the original unity of life.
The Kiss by Brancusi can be considered as a replica of Rodin's Kiss. The work brings a new dimension to the concept of sculture. This work, apparently carved in a primitive manner, is the second work in which Brancusi uses direct cut technique.

The Kiss is the first version of a theme which will become a trademark for Brancusi, as he will not cease to reinvent itself during the five decades of his career. The work is executed in "direct cutting" with sharp carving traces and the remaining surfaces are polished.
The sculpture symbolize two lovers embracing, represented in countless works full of eroticism, from A. Rodin and Edvard Munch to Gustave Moreau.

The sculpture is considered the first modern sculpture of the XX century, and a door to the later creations of Brancusi.

Owner Art Museum - Craiova
Material: Stone Marna / Technique: Direct cut; grooving