The Beginning of the World


Brancusi Inceputul lumiiThis work, done in marble, integrates the entire vision of the cosmos.
This first version is almost identical in dimensions to the "Sculpture for the Blind", probably to emphasize the continuity of conception.

About the usage of the oval theme in the creations of the sculptor Brancusi, the american poet Ezra Pound said: "It should be noted that Brancusi was about to achieve a pure form, free from any terrestrial gravity, a form so free in her own life as that of analytic geometry. And the proof of this is that from anywhere you look at the scultpure, it looks alive and ready to take off. "The Beginning of the World" is a perfect shape, lively and any beginning would reflect in it perfectly, as alive and perfect as a mirror, and more, is pure life.

In conclusion, the "The Beginning of the World" is a unique step in the art of sculpture, namely when the master is no longer figthing against time, no longer looking in vain to find the answer to an important question: how to cheat time, instead he works creates along with it. An immortal work, signed by both Brancusi, and the Great Present.