Painter Darascu


Painter DarascuAbout the character:

Nicholas Darascu - (born February 18, 1883, Giurgiu - died August 14, 1959, Bucharest), was a Romanian painter influenced by Impressionism and Neo-Impressionism trends, watercolor painter.
Between 1902 - 1906 he studied at the National School of Fine Arts in Bucharest.
His contact with artists from other cultural areas of Europe, which included traveling and visiting the great museums would open new horizons for him, leading him to a pictorial language that keeps him in touch with the reality and traditions of the Romanian art.

The most important exhibition is organized in 1936 at the Dalles Hall where he exhibits 85 of his works. From 1936 to 1950 he was professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest.

His painting reveals contempt for object details in favor of expressing in colorful shapes. His landscapes are characterized by the scale vision ("The way to victory in the rain", "Venetian Palace ', landscapes from Danube Delta).

About the work:

For the bust, Brancusi will receive the second prize at Bucharest official Salon in 1909 chaired by Spiru Haret. Painter Nicolae Darascu was Brancusi's friend. The final version of the work has the left arm bent and the right arm severed just below the shoulder. In this work the influence of Auguste Rodin can be seen.
The work will be purchased by the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Public Education.