Ion Georgescu-Gorjan


Brancusi - GeorgescuAbout the character:

Ion Georgescu (b. 1856, Bucharest - died 1898), sculptor, painter and watercolor painter. It is considered to be the first modern sculptor.
He studied at the Fine Arts School in Bucharest, with Karl Storck, then in Paris, where he kept a close relationship with progressive Romanian intellectuals. In Paris he was awarded a medal for his "The Prayer of a child."
He was also a professor at the School of Fine Arts in Bucharest. The artist most known works are the statues of Gheorgeh Lazar and Pache Protopopescu in Bucharest, and the Asachi Gheorgeh statue in Iasi .


About the work:

Owner: National Art Museum of Romania

Brancusi was a friend of John Georgescu-Gorjan and made his portrait in Craiova, during his military service when he was living in his house.
When he reviewed his work in 1937, Brancusi remembered how much he enjoyed when he realized that he "guessed" the look of the model itself. The portrait is done in a classical and rigorous manner.
Brazianu Barbu wrote: "He used to take a compass to measure his forehead, his eyebrow arch, his nose and his prominent chin, measurements that he imprinted on clay then molded it using his skillful fingers."
The bust was sold in 1967 to the Museum of Arts of the Socialist Republic of Romania for the sum of 40,000 lei, with the obligation to make a copy.