Brancusi - EcorseuBrancusi felt more attracted towards the works of the "independents" than towards the academics in school, but he also studied modeling and anatomy, as he demonstrated in his sculpture "Ecorseu".
The statue shows the system of human muscle and ligaments, and is appreciated by Oscar Walter Cisek for it's anatomical precision. This paper shows an excellent knowledge of anatomy.
The idea came from Hermes statue, located at the Museum in Rome. Brancusi worked nearly two years: between 1900 and 1902, with Dr. Gerota assistance.

Doctor Gerota is the one who helps Brancusi pour in plaster his work and exhibit it in 1903 - at the Romanian Athenaeum. His work was appreciated by the local press, which brought some notorietae to the young sculptor. He makes 4 copies that will be sold to the educational institutions. To sell the last copy before leaving for Paris, Brancusi made a petition addressed to the President of the Students Society of Medicine who will acquire the sculpture and served as a model of anatomy fora long time.

From 1966 the scultpure was transferred to the Art Museum of Craiova. It is the best preserved specimen of all variants found in Romania. It is executed in colored plaster, plinth bearing the following inscription: "Working from nature / by Prof. D. GEROTA / and Brancusi / 1902"