Carol Davila


Carol DavilaAbout the character:

Carol Davila (Davila Charles) (b. 1828, Parma, Italy - died August 24, 1884, Bucharest) was a Romanian physician and pharmacist of Italian origin, educated in Germany and France.
He had a profound contribution to the medical education in Romania. He was teaching chemistry at the University of Bucharest.


About the work:

The only public monument in Bucharest made by Brancusi was the bust of General Carol Davila, the founder of the Medical School in Romania.
It was cast in bronze nine years later and installed in the courtyard of the Military Hospital.
In 1912, when they finnaly decided to build the monument, they found out that the gypsum was degraded and was necessary to repair the damage by suppressing the damaged parts.
Because Brancusi was not in the country at the time, the work remained almost ignored until the winter of 1938 when, returning to Bucharest, the sculptor revealed that he made the plaster version of the bust. When he saw the "adjusted version" with crippled arms and without egret on the head, Brancusi was thinking to sue those who had taken this decision.
In 1990, the work was moved inside the Military Museum - in the hospital courtyard a bronze copy was placed instead.