The Prayer


Brancusi The PrayerThis works marks a turning point in Brancusi's style. It marks the beginning of a road that will lead to the art we are more familiar with.
Move eloquenly than the series "Child" , this statue expresses the brave and yet simple forms, the first sign of artistic guidelines that will become a turning point in modern european sculpture.
This work best describes the new trend in Brancusi's artistic conception between 1907-1910.

The artist emerges for the first time from the sphere of Rodin's influence and moves on to his on styling and simplified forms, seeking to free the sculpture of any strong feeling, suggesting a woman who prays, a woman's silence in the knee, not a woman mourning, giving in this way a sense of humility and purity.
Prayer is a sculpture in the spirit of Byzantine tradition in which shapes are elongated and stylized face thinned, archway is strongly emphasized eyes and gaze veiled, like suede inside. Sculpture inspired by a few traits sense of humility and awe of the woman kneeling.