Miss Pogany


Brancusi PoganyMiss Pogany, known in Frenc as Mademoiselle Pogany, is a sculpture created by Constantin Brancusi in 1913. The name of the statue comes from the Hungarian painter Margit Pogány, whom he had met in 1911.
He served as a model for a few months. "I posed for him several times, Margit Pogany remembered. Each time I posed he made a new version of the statue and every time I asked him to keep it as the final version, he always bursted out laughing and throwed it down into a corner and start a new one- to my great disappointment. "

Margit Pogany also recorded her imperssion when she saw the marble statue in the workshop : "I realized that it was me, although the head did not have any of my traits it was all those big eyes. Looking at Brancusi, I noticed that he was glancing at me while talking to my friends. He was very happy to find out that I was able to recognize myself in the statue "

A replica of the sculpture "Miss Pogany" by Constantin Brancusi can be found at the Art Museum of Craiova.

One of the most famous works of Brancusi. The work was made in bronze after a specimen drawn from the Stork collection, it is a Romanian national symbol for modern art.
All our attention is drawn to this portrait, to its big eyes, to its mouth that is barely sketched, the fine nose, the strong arched eyebrows...everything seems so perfect.
19 works entitled "Miss Pogany" were made by Brancusi, in a 20-years interval.